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Shaking table

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It belongs to gravity equipment, widely used for separating gold, copper, zircon, tungsten, tin, coltan, iron ore, chromite,titanium, lead, zinc, tantalum & niobium etc.
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It is a mine separation device for fine minerals working by gravity.
It is widely applied on separating Gold, , Manganese, Chrome, Copper,  Iron, Titanium, Zircon, Tungsten, Tin,Tantalum, Barium, Lead, Zinc, Mercury, , Aluminum ,and rare metals and the noble metal ore,also applied on sorting coal etc.
Compare with traditional tool , our shaking table has below advantages:
1. glass steel structure
2. high recovery ratio
3. steel support.

Construction and features Gelin shaking table specification.
Head Motion shaking tables are furnished with a totally enclosed self-oiling head motion of heavy cast iron to contain an oil reservoir for perfect splash lubrication.This feature protects the moving parts, reducing operating and maintenance costs to a minimum.
Decks   The decks are constructed of steel framework and covered 16mm fibreglass with corundum, this cover its strength reaches as high as 70% of steel, the features of this design are stronger, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and no distortion, it lengthens the working-life of machine and thus allows machine perform perfectly on different mineral and different weather condition.
Feed and Water Box   A wooden feed distributing box with hopper and a long water box are attached to the iron of the deck, giving a very even distribution of feed and water.
Technical Specification  The Tables have three distinct deck designs available. The course ore deck is designed for recovering particles size from 0.5 mm to 2 mm; the fine sand deck is designed for recovering fine particles in the range of 0.074mm to 0.5 mm; the slime deck is designed for recovering super extremely fine particles in the range of 0.05 mm to 0.074 mm