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Hammer mill

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Lost investment cost, high working efficiency
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Application and performance
Hitting granulating machine is lately developmental new kind of crusher equipment. Thiskind of machine is designed for small-scale gold processing plant, especially adapt to free goldrecovery. Assembled with Centrifugal Concentrator or jig can establish a processing plant, andit is very effective to recovery free gold. Since the technologic process doesn’t need add anychemicals, it is environment friendly. Using the advanced crushing structure, the crusher canachieve crush and grinding at one time. Choosing Mn13 (High Manganese Material) thehammer head is longer life. It is especially suitable for the remote region, because of thesimple structure, easy operationmaintenance and convenient for moving. You can operate itwithout receiving any special training.

The machine is consist of frame,rotor,hammer head and other parts,Motor drive the rotor through Elastic coupling .Materials was crushed by the hitting between rotating hammer and crushing plate.Rotor is compose of rotor shaft,triangle belt,disc,hammer shaft,hammer and otherparts.rotor shaft is fixing triangle plate and disc,plate is separated by axle sleeve,shaftamount to the plate and hammer hanged on shaft,rotor shaft will rotate with hammer.

The machine is equipped with electric motor( also can be equipped with diesel engine as per request).

ModelElectric motor(kw)Capacity(t/h)Input size(mm)Output size(mm)Quantity of hammer