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Sealed pulverizer machine

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Description &Application area of Lab sealed pulverizing machine:Laboratory sealed sample pulverizer / lab sample grinder / lab sample grinding mill is a small lab grinding machine for grinding the ore...
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Description &Application area of Lab sealed pulverizing machine:

Laboratory sealed sample pulverizer / lab sample grinder / lab sample grinding mill is a small lab grinding machine for grinding the ore/material samples into powder, which has been widely used in the laboratory of the geology, mining, metallurgy, coal, power, chemistry and building industries, for the none pollution sample testing. The sealed pulveriser gets an “automatic dust proof” and a “pot anti-loose” device, which provide the machine advantages of low noise, no dust, and easy operation. The machine adapt high frequency vibrating grinding method to make the power fine and event, no need screening and shrinking, prevent sample mixing. This machine gets a simple structure, nice outlook , small volume, with a high efficiency, the output material is fine and evenly, which could meet the demand of education and research department. no need install and adjusting. Could be used in any location, it’s one of the best sampling machines for laboratory use.  Working Principle ofLab sealed pulverizing machine: The tungsten carbide pulveriser use eccentric weight to get a high frequency vibrating of the grinding device which is holed by six springs. The grinding part such as the grinding plate, grinding ring continuously hit the material inside the pot to make the material into powder.  

Features ofLab sealed pulverizing machine:
1. High efficient, no need screening again, the output material could be used for testing directly.
2. Sealed grinding pot, dust proof, no pollution.  
3. Digital timing screen, special designed high quality motor, with long service life.  
4. With shock-absorbing stand.
5. Reliable, evenly output size, short grinding time.  
6. Simple and reasonable structure, good out look, easy to operate, maintenance, and clean.
7. Low noise, smooth operating, complete sealed machine, with high safety operation standard.  
8. High standard sealing design, no leaking for dry or wet method grinding

Earthen Bowl material: High manganese stee / Tungsten carbide / Corindon,
the widely using material is High manganese steel.

Grinding capacity of material for each Earthen Bowl:

Various capacity, from 100g/Bowl, 150 g/Bowl, 200 g/Bowl, 400 g/Bowl, 500 g/Bowl,1000 g/Bowl.

Earthen Bowl Quantitys in each set: We have the Laboratory sealed sample pulverizer with different quantity Earthen Bowl, such as
ONE pc Earthen Bowl,
TWO pcs Earthen Bowl,  
THREE pcs Earthen Bowl,  
FOUR pcs Earthen Bowl,  
FIVE pcs Earthen Bowl,  
SIX pcs Earthen Bowl,  
SEVEN pcs Earthen Bowl.

The one pc Earthen Bowl, two pcs Earthen Bowl, three pcs Earthen Bowl sample pulverisers are most popular

1MZ for 1 set sample, 2MZ grinding 2 sets sample, 3 MZ grinding 3 sets sample, ...7 MZ grinding 7 sets sample.
Main parts ofLab sealed pulverizing machine:

we have three different material of grinding pot mini pulverizer machine, see below picture:
Lab sealed hardened Mn steelpulverizing machine
Lab sealed tungsten carbide pulverizing machine
lab sealed corindonpulverizing machine