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Mobile trommel

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Application: alluvial gold, river sand gold, placer gold, diamond washing and separation
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The Gold WashTrommel is usually used at the primary separation period of placer gold mining so as to washing and screening the gold ore. The upper sizes out are always reckoned as unuseful materials. The bottom sizes which contain the gold are usually processed by centrifugal concentrator or gold sluice box continuously to upgrade the gold ore. The concentrates of centrifugal concentrator could be processed by shaking table which is used to separate the gold from other minerals.

Gold Wash Trommel is consist of feeder hopper,belt,motor,screen drum,water pipe and supporting wheels etc 6 parts. Ore feed into trommel, with the help of rotating centrifuge power and jigging to classify materials. And classify from different screen mesh. Different size materials will convey to finished materials after funnel. On one hand, big size materials will flow front along the trommel inclination, and screen out from different mesh. Small size will discharge its own hopper and carry out by hand.

The features:

1)--Low cost, for alluvial gold plant.

2)--Includes the washing function and separating function, very high efficiency,pay back very soon.

3)-- Small Volume,Easy Movable,Support Wheels.

4)--Diesel enigne/electric motor available.

5)-- Easy and convinient operation.

6)-- Strong body, our engineer has redesigned the frame, use thicker and stronger material for all the part.

7)-- Screen replaceable for different mesh sizes

8)-- Durable wear parts,the screen using high manganese steel woven net , It has large processing capacity, high efficiency , long service life , and easy to replace, no clogging.


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