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BS-K Air flotation machine

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Used for gold, copper, silver, fluorite, barite, tungsten...
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Main shaft is hanging on the machine frame, light structure and easy installation
Impeller is cone shape, stator is radial, strong agitation and lower power consumption
U shape tank is made and lower sand settlement
The diameter of the impeller is smaller thus lower peripheral speed
Lower power consumption and saving 30-50% energy
Well floated particles and higher recovery
Light wearing of the spare parts so longer service life.


Brief Introduction
When flotation machine works, slurry is inhaled from the bottom of the cell to the space between impellers. Meanwhile, the low-pressure air send by fan is sent to this area through the air distributor in the hollow shaft. After sufficient mixing, the slurry is pushed out by the impeller, and then goes to the whole cell. When the froth rises to the stable level, after the enrichment processing, froth overflows to the froth trough from the overflow weir. Another part of ore slurry flows to lower part of impeller for the re-mix with air. The remained slurry flows to the next cell until becomes tailing.
Notes:Mechanical agitation, non self air inhalation, non pulp suction and required height difference (300-400mm) between flotation groups. It can be combined with XHF cells to be direct cells.