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Four rollers high tension electrostatic separator

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Used for separating zircon sand,rutile, monazite, tin, non-ferrous metal and black metal, iron ore, ilmenite, primary limonite, beach placer, scheelite, manganese, tantalum, niobium, monazite...
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It is an dry separating equipment in the high voltage electric field.
High voltage electricity separator is an dry separating equipment in the high voltage electric field, which eliminate the mineral according to the differences of materials electricity nature.
The selection of the Non-ferrous metal and black metal, such as iron ore, zircon, primary limonite, beach placer, manganese ore, titanium, tantalum, niobium, tin, monazite, and primary retiles.
The separation of impurity mineral which associated with feldspar and quartz.
Decarburization of boiler powder and mine etc.

Performance characteristic:
With the reasonable structure, advanced technology, convenient operation, complete protection, high degree of automation, safety and reliable, with better separating effect.
Separation of high accuracy, can make the 120 mesh mineral to 2 mm
High degree of automation, to achieve the feeding, heating, speed adjustment, high-pressure discharge, with high security.

Technical parameter

Rollers quantity: Four
Diameter: 120mm-220mm
Length: 1500mm
Speed: 0-500r/min
Corona electrode: The diameter is 0.3mm~0.5mm, and each roller has one.
Deflection electrode: The diameter is 40mm, and each roller has one.
Operating voltage: 0~45kv,and the input is negative.
Particle size of mineral: Not more than 3mm.
Processing ability: 1~3 ton/hour.
Transmission power: 1.1~1.5kw, Speed variable motor.
Heating power: Y_4.5kw/_13kw.
Grounding resistance: Less than 10 Ohm.
Material heating method. Manual / Auto.
Host dimensions:
Length: 2090mm
Width: 1020mm
Height: 4500mm

Host weight: 2ton.
Four Roller Electrical Sorter is formed mainly by ore equipment, grounded roller, electrode, corona electrode, deflection electrodes, divided mineral board, high voltage electron genetator and so on.