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Belt conveyor

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Forward and conveyor the minerals, sands, stone and different materials.
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The belt conveyor manufactured by our company has the advantages of big conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient repair and standard parts, so it is widely used in the industries of mine, metallurgy and coal to convey loose materials and finished products. According to different technique requirements, the machine can convey material singly or be formed conveying system with other conveying equipments to meet different requirements of working line. The working temperature is from -200C to +400C and the temperature of conveying material is under 500C.

1. The conveying quantity is worked out by the following conditions: material density is between 1.0t/m3-1.6t/m3; conveyor obliquity is less than 18o and the material stockpile angle is 30o.
2. Density of material is less than 2.5t/m3.
3. The conveying length isnt restricted to the form; different length can be manufactured according to customers' demands.